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“The Gift of Kwanzaa,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 26 Dec. 2021.

“New Fiction, Old Reality: It’s Time We Pay Attention to the Pandemic Struggles of Black Women,” Ms. Magazine, 3 Dec. 2021.

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in the press

2020    “‘Being Human’ Podcast Launches New Season,” 4 Sept. 2020,

2020    “Student Project, Pitt Programs Confront Colorism,” 22 Oct. 2020

2020    “Pandemic and Protests Through Lens of
Black Literature,” 10 July 2020

2018    “International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) Stories, Dr. Robin Brooks – Florida, United States,” Sept. 2018

2019    “Where Gun Violence Abounds, Honoring Loved Ones with ‘Rest in Peace’ Shirts,” The Washington Post, Aug. 2019